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We are storytellers

Manolo Living is a furniture company that aims to reinterpret Filipino Heritage as something that belongs not only in the past but also in the future by developing products deeply rooted in culture, evoking familiarity and nostalgia with our pieces. 

Making time stand still

Quality is a given but with today’s rapidly changing design trends, Manolo Living intends to make time stand still. Just like the stories in the past and stories you will create.



Manolo Living provides furniture for any space requirement, be it a hotel, restaurant or home. As a brand proud of our Filipino roots, we aim to amplify stories of our heritage by telling them through our pieces.


Got a space that needs a makeover? Our interior services include space planning, decorating, interior painting -- you name it! When you work with Manolo Living for interiors, you can expect a curated experience that is modern and still truly Filipino.


Have you already a factory or studio but need fresh designs? Do you have a staff that you want to help be more innovate? At Manolo Living, we make it our business to help your business meet and exceed its goals.

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